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How is Bioenergy Session Applied?

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Bioenergy healing is carried out by therapy sessions. Bioenergist interviews with the recipient about his/her diorders and learns about the definitive diagnosis if there is any, before the session begins. Then bioenergist scans the patient’s whole body without touching and expresses an opinion about what he senses.

Next, recipient lies down on the massage bench and healing energy is conducted into energy body a.k.a Biofield without touching for 45 – 60 mins. The practice has no side effects. It is carried out without using an electronical device or medicine.

Recipients may experience various feelings during the therapy session and may get rid of the traumas or disorders they have had before. Recipients sense such things as vibrations, heating/cooling, numbing, tingling of the body, energy movements, seeing brigt, lively, and colourful lights.

Practitioner observes recipient’s body reaction such as the movement of terapi3-300x200[1]eye – lids, hands, feet, and head during therapy session.

It is recommended to have at least three therapy sessions in order to get a positive, measurable result and a comprehension of a positive progress. Of course, additional sessions may be performed considering the level of disorder. Recipient makes the final decision of ending sessions because s/he is the one who can decide on the positive results of the session. Practitioner can also determine the healing but always obtain a confirmation from the recipient.

Healing practice changes one’s awareness and view of life at the end of sessions.


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