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The most powerful healing source in the universe is the Master himself. When that power is transmitted through the chakras in the hands of a five-year-old boy, it’s nothing short of a miracle. This is the case involving Alp Ozdel, who received a healing gift early in life, and is now using his gift as an energy-based, holistic approach to healing.

At the tender age of five, Alp’s mother discovered that her child could channel healing energy through his hands and effect positive healing results to a receiver’s mind, body and emotions. Alp’s healing awareness and empathic abilities were so keen already at such a young age. Soon it became evident to Alp’s parents that Alp possessed a natural gift for healing others.

Alp lived a normal life, he went to college and finished a degree of civil engineer. In 1997, Alp moved to the United States of America in pursuit of a new and different life experience.

Alp’s healing gift went almost forgotten until 2009 when Alp met a Native American woman, who confessed she could see auras and surprised him when she told him she was in awe of the brightness and clarity of his own. She explained to Alp that he had an aura only associated with healers. This native woman was a healer and told Alp that he possessed a God-given gift which he must share with humanity.

As a neophyte under the Native American woman’s guidance, Alp learned to channel energy properly, isolating and ridding himself of negative energy. He learned to help to remove pain, sorrow, clean blockages in the seven chakras and to scan auras for imbalances. He also learned the distance healing.

Alp’s desire to heal mankind led him to the Healing Touch Program, where he mastered three levels. Subsequently, Alp returned to Turkey where he continued to learn and improve his healing abilities. He completed several Bio Energy courses under the most famous Turkish Bio energy teacher. Simultaneously, he spent several years practicing Bio energy healing at health clubs and spas helping many to heal.

He says that his healing energy comes from God through several dimensions. Although Alp believes in Holistic and alternative medicine, he encourages clients to be diagnosed by a medical doctor and he would not intervene in their medical care. Alp, who is thirsty for knowledge, continues to add dimensions to his craft.

Alp also practices hypnotherapy and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Alp’s Bioenergy healing therapy is available by private or group healing session, in either way, Healing Energy flows and effectual when the believer is ready to receive.

Alp is described by many as “a very powerful healer.” He is constantly validated by wonderful testimonials from the people. He is still healing and making people feel much better while he keeps on discovering the eternal healing energy of cosmos.

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