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I’m going to share interesting moments that I’ve had with my patients during therapy sessions. Let’s keep in touch…

  • I’ve conducted healing energy for three days in a row on a patient. Her complaint was mainly about menstrual irregularities. As a consequence of stress caused by the disorder, she was suffering from anxiety. As soon as the therapy session started, she reacted immediately, laughed, felt cold, and started to shiver. On the second day, same reactions continued. On the last day, crying jag was also on the list of reactions. I performed therapy upon her request by touching on ovary and she said she felt something like carving in there. She asked what I did and told me she was feeling great now. I joked her, saying “I’m playing with DNAs” and then we both giggled.


  • Kerim was born with hydrocephalia and now is 10 years old. I felt really excited upon the request to perform therapy on him but also I didn’t know what to expect as I would do it on a kid with a unique condition for the very first time. After all, we, Bioenergists are just mediums and God is the only one who has power to heal. Kerim has got 90% disability. He walk on his knees, cannot see properly and cannot talk. His all needs are met by his family. He is a child in need of nursing and his family is in pursuit of healing. I can tell, all of his chakras were closed and irregular on the first day of sessions. In spite of this fact, he fell asleep during the third session and his family was really surprised. On the fifth session, he experienced this deep sleep one more time. His inborn disabilities used to cause epileptic attacks and these attacks happened more often lately. After healing therapy, I’ve been told that these attacks have never happened again and his immune system has also got better compared to the past. They told that they have been observing the kid and are going to take more sessions soon.

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