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özel bioenerji terapisi için randevunuzu buradan oluşturabilirsiniz.

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Private and Group Bio-healing sessions..


Relief from Stress, Anxiety & Depression.
Bio-energy healing of the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Bodies


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What’s Bioenergy ?

Bioenergy is a supplementary medicine that stabilizes physical body’s energy body. It is not a diagnosis or a medical treatment.

Must Read

I share this article to inform you and I presume, you will find it different from the information you’ve obtained so far about Bioenergy.

Curable Diseases

Quickening Injury Recovery and Fracture Healing
Quickening Recovery by strenghtening Immune System before and after surgery
Healing effects on many other diseases/disorders have been scientifically proven.

Özel ve Grup Seansları

Kişiye özel ve grup seanslarında özel indirimler sizi bekliyor.

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Kısmi Felç Tedavisi

Bioenerji ile Kısmi Felç Tedavisi ( El, Kol, Omuz, Ayaklar )

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